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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is your business called "Ten Toes Photography"?
A: When I first thought of starting a photography business, my passion was (and still is) Newborn photography.  I was thinking about that whole experience of those first few breathless moments when you see your precious new baby and when you hold them, how you scrutinize every millimeter of their little bodies - and you find yourself counting to make sure they have 10 fingers and 10 toes.....and so began "Ten Toes Photography"

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my session?
A: Typically 2 weeks in advance is sufficient.  However during the Holiday season (Oct-Dec) it is best to schedule 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure securing a time that works best for everyone in your family

Q: How should I prepare for my Newborn session?
A: Newborn sessions are best done in the first 2 weeks of your baby's birth.  If you are scheduled for a C-Section, you should book your newborn session before your surgery.  For normal deliveries, please call and schedule as soon as you are able.  The studio is kept very warm for your new baby's comfort, so I recommend that you dress in layers.  Bring an extra shirt for each parent as I take a lot of pictures of your baby naked and you may get peed or pooped on! ;)  If you are able, it helps to bring a bottle of expressed milk or formula for feeding during the session.  Keep in mind that a newborn session takes a while (2-2.5 hours). 

Q: Do you have a Portrait Studio?
A: Yes! Several years ago we built an addition onto our home, creating a beautiful, warm and inviting studio.  I am located in Paradise, CA.  We are 30 minutes from Chico, 1.5 hours north of Sacramento and 1.5 hours south of Redding.

Q: How far are you willing to travel?
A: As much as I love my cozy studio space, I enjoy getting outside and doing on-location shoots immensely!  Most of my outdoor sessions take me to Chico, Durham, Oroville and Orland, CA.  There is a $25 location fee for sessions within a 30 minute drive.  I love the opportunity to explore new landscapes and backdrops and am willing to travel further.  Please contact me for more information if this is something that you are interested in.