Lukas {3 days} Newborn Baby Photographer Paradise Chico Oroville Butte CA
Thursday, February 02, 2017
By Ten Toes Photography
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Sweetness comes in many forms.  We add sugar to sweeten food.  When you do something kind or nice, you're being "sweet".  When you really like someone - the older generation would say - they are "sweet on her".  It's an expression of really liking something - "That's a sweet car" or just "sweeeet"!  

In my world, when I get a sweet baby - it's a baby that just sleeps in any position you place them in.  A baby that has kissy lips and fisted little hands and feet that just want to stay crossed.  Big eyes with a dreamy, wondering expression.  A baby that you could hold close forever........sweet - meet Lukas.

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