Jyla {Maternity} Pregnancy Photographer Chico CA
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Wednesday, November 09, 2016
By Ten Toes Photography
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You know how some guys LOVE the curves of a Corvette or the lines of a Lamborghini?  I find incredible beauty and artistry in the body of a pregnant woman.  There is nothing more incredible to me to see the fullness of a woman carrying a living, moving, kicking BABY INSIDE her body!!!!  It causes EVERYTHING about her to change - from the obvious weight gain, to the very hair on her head.  Her heart has to pump more blood, her internal organs become compressed, digestion is disrupted, her joints become looser.  How utterly, unbelievably, miraculously is it even possible that she is able to endure this massive re-organization of her entire body?  There is true beauty and art and majesty in the creation and growing and birthing of a human being......

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