Hannah 2.5 Weeks - Newborn Baby Photographer Paradise CA
Wednesday, August 03, 2016
By Ten Toes Photography
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Each baby is a huge blessing, but also a huge adjustment - for EVERYONE in the family!  When you have your first child, EVERYTHING is new!  You have to change your routine.....ok, ok - let's be honest -routines go out the window!  Your body is having to cope with the huge loss in sleep, the constant demands of a newborns inconsistent appetite, the increased attention of family and friends and, yes, even strangers!!!

And then there is baby #2.  So, you've got a better grip on the whole newborn thing - but then you have this whole new arsenal of unpredictability of a toddler adjusting to the loss of your complete, undivided attention.....

With all that considered, how SWEET it is to see a little boy LOVING on his baby sister!  Hunter loved to hold and kiss his little sister and was such a delight to photograph with those big blue eyes and a head full of bouncing blonde curls!!!  Welcome to the world Hannah - you are SO loved!!!

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